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Weekly Update 11/18

Hello there. Welcome to another weekly update on Ingraham Robotics! Recently we’ve been focusing on perfecting our robot design, and preparing an improved setup for the next competition.

Taking Care of Business

Before we get into discussing the robot, let’s take a look at what the Business Team has been up to. We here on Business have been focused on our Engineering Notebook: our complete documentation of all our progress. This is, in essence, a formalized version of the weekly updates we do here.

We’ve also been working on entering our wealth of scouting data into the system. At the last competition, we took notes on all the other teams’ designs and performance, and have since been entering these into computers to begin analyzing the data.

Bug Smashing

The team, after length discussion, has decided to officially settle on their initial design for their competition robot. They are now working on refining the details of the robot and fixing its many remaining issues.

Build lead Charlie has stated that the Build Team is working their way through replacing nearly all of the parts on the robot with better, more official versions. Most importantly, the team has been working on making the arm function better than before. Right now it’s looking like the robot will be in great shape by the time the second competition rolls around.


Programming Team has been hard at work fixing the many kinks in the robots. One big step which the team has taken is replacing all the robot’s wheel encoders; in the process they discovered that 3 of the robot’s encoders were in fact dead. However, the problem has been resolved and the wheels are now fully functional.

Programming Team works on code for the robot

The team has also been working on refining some of our designs. They’ve fully wired the arm of our robot, and wrote streamlined code for it. Additionally, they’ve been hard at work fleshing out our auto program, which was not functional at the last competition. Tim, the programming lead, has said that they hope to have an auto program completed for the next competition, and that progress towards this goal is going well.

In Deep

That’s all this week from Ingraham Robotics. Overall, work has been on the details of the robot and its processes. The team is very happy with progress so far and is looking forward to the next competition! I’ll be back next week with more information on how the robot is going. Thanks for reading!



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