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Weekly Update 12/2

We're very busy this week at Ingraham robotics preparing for our upcoming second competition this weekend, so we'll keep this one short. Let's get right into it!

Building Our Numbers

This week, business team has been focused on an upcoming recruitment drive to help build new members! We're currently working on a poster to present at the Ingraham Open House in the coming weeks. We're hoping to find new freshman members who can carry the torch of Ingraham robotics for years to come. Maybe you'll see us around!


Our programming team has spent the last few weeks working on an auto program for the competition this weekend. Unfortunately, the program still hasn't been completed. Our programming lead has been hard at work looking into what can be done to move towards completing the program, and is still hopeful that the program can be completed in time!

Round Two

This weekend will be our second competition. We're very eager to put our updated and improved robot into action and see how we fare this time around. I'll be back next week with updates on the competition. Until next time!




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