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Weekly Update 10/25

It’s been a heads-down couple of weeks at Ingraham Robotics as competition is just over a week away. We made the decision to skip last week’s update as the team had been simply continuing with the last week’s task, but with competition fast approaching we now have a wealth of news to cover once again. Let’s get right into it!

On Schedule

Build team has been working hard these past two weeks, and are finally beginning to see the fruits of their labor. Just recently, the first full model of the robot has been completed! We’re thrilled to see this model completed, but work isn’t done yet. The robot is being handed off to the programming team to be brought to life as I speak.

Up and Running

As the programming team has slowly been receiving parts for the new robot, they’ve been working on getting each of them implemented into the greater codebase. With the full robot now complete, programming team is getting very busy with getting the design up and running.

Programming Team receiving the finished robot

According to Tim, the programming lead, the team’s process has largely been recycling old code from last year’s design and mixing it with new code written for this year’s designs. Though this is complex, the team has managed to soften the load by writing much of this code in advanced as the parts have come. Now, it’s largely simply a matter of combining all the programs into one design for the robot as a whole.

For the programming to function, however, the robot will need power! Programming is also hard at work wiring the robot, making sure that the lifts, joints, and parts of the robot can effectively and safely receive power.

Competition in the Air

I’d like to end with a note on behalf of all of us here at robotics. We’re thrilled to finally get to see everybody’s robots in action, and are greatly looking forward to meeting up with all the various robotics teams across Seattle. Competition is on all of our minds, and we’re working hard to make sure our performance is the best it can be!

I’ll see you all next week. Thanks for reading!



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