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Weekly Update 9/27

Welcome to the weekly update! This week we’re making way on prototyping the new robot and continuing training our new members. Let’s get right into it!

Maximum Efficiency

This week, we’ve made a new design chart on the wall of our new room to keep track of tasks. We’re getting in the habit of starting each meeting with an overview of the chart and a check-in with each of our teams.

Robotics members at a meeting around our new board

The business team (us!) have also begun further focus on outreach. This week, we had our own announcement in the daily school announcements! We’re also looking into further outreach events, particularly directed towards incoming 8th graders. So far this year, we’ve already gotten quite a few new members in the club, and we’re looking forward to gaining even more!

Designing the Robot

The build team has been hard at work getting ready for construction! Earlier this week, the build team had a workshop on power drills and basic drill skills. Charlie, our build lead, has also been working on CAD training individually with build members.

Meanwhile, the build team has also been working on prototyping the robot itself. Since last week, they’ve begun the physical prototyping of the robot, which is a big step forward towards full construction! The team has decided on making a faster robot, and is currently experimenting with different drivebases and versions of the robot. According to Charlie, they’ve also been considering the installation of a scissor lift in order to raise blocks.

We’ll be back with more updates on build team’s progress soon!

Filling Eyes With Computer Vision

The programming team has also been working on prototyping for the new robot. According to Tim, our programming lead, the team has been working on the movement code for the new robot, deciding how to code the different drivebases.

The big task facing the programming team, however, has been what they’re calling ‘computer vision’. This is the robot’s recognition of visual targets via phone cameras mountain on the robot. Developing this, according to Tim, will allow them to have more accurate movement and better automation in competition.

Programming Team working on computer vision

We’ll check in on the programming team again next week!

That’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with even more robotics news. We hope to see you there!


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