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Weekly Update 10/11

Welcome this week’s update on our progress! It’s been a heads-down week this week, with lots of continuation of our projects, but we’ll review what’s going on and talk about our developments.

Drive Time

The hot topic lately at Ingraham Robotics has been the question of what drive to install on the robot. This week, we’ve been trending towards a mecanum drive over a west coast drive. The build team is currently working on this year’s drive so that programming can get to work on its implementation!

Bits and Bobs

Programming has continued work on our robot arm. Tim, our programming lead, has been overseeing further development of our arm code. Meanwhile, build is working on constructing an even bigger arm to test with the robot!

The collector for the robot has been completed, and is now installed on our test robot. Build team is also deep into construction of a scissor lift as a competitor to the arm as our robot’s main component.

Short but Sweet

This week’s update has been short, but the team has been hard at work on the robot! We’re looking forward to showing off what we’re working on in the coming weeks. Until next time!



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